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Y9-11 Student Profiles

Picture above: Kezia, Max and Annabel


Being educated as a part of the King Edward's family is a privilege and a pleasure, and has given me the confidence to aim high and do well in my GCSEs and I hope my A Levels in the future.


Students in the higher years look out for and care for the younger students and help them get used to the busy lifestyle of our school: you will never feel alone.  The teachers go to every extent to do all they can to be prepared for our important GCSE and A Level examinations; they are all really kind and helpful.


From being here since Year 7 I've learnt not just new topics in a classroom but I've also learnt a lot in extra-curricular activities which has broadened my skills and my knowledge:  King Edward's has really helped make me into the person I am today.


King Edward's has shown me what can happen when the highest standards of all aspects of school life are harnessed.


In class I know that the teachers are working hard to help me be the best I can possibly be and that if I do the same I will no doubt see results.  The school knows that to ensure success it has to challenge us to go above and beyond what we think we are capable of to help us achieve our full potential: it's a challenge but a rewarding one.


King Edward's also offers so many extra-curricular opportunities so that you can really show your skills and talents in music, sport, art, drama, and so many other areas. As with the standard of teaching the quality of the extra-curricular provision is also top notch. It is a real privilege to attend King Edward's.


The teachers at King Edward's along with the pupils are a dedicated and enthusiastic bunch.  In P.E. the teachers push us to be the best we can be; in Music the teachers are fun to be with as are the language teachers.   Both Music and Languages provide lots of additional clubs and workshops during the lunchtimes as well as subjects like Science.


Overall the quality of teaching at the school is really good and the staff have a lot of patience, giving us a lot of support which is both motivational and worthwhile.


I have learnt a lot whilst being here at King Edward's: it is a great choice.

"I know the teachers are working hard to help me be the best I can possibly be".

"King Edward's has helped make me into the person I am today."


"We get a lot of support which is both motivational and worthwhile."

Middle School Annabel Max Kezia