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At King Edward’s we have been fortunate to have an outstanding crop of individuals in Year 13 who have really lived the school’s ethos and values.  They have made a massive contribution to the wider life of the school and to their own personal development. We have more students than ever before doing the Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award; our Combined Cadet Force continues to go from strength to strength providing unrivalled leadership opportunities for young people, and we continue to offer music and drama to a professional standard.


These same students who lead and excel in so many fields have also gone on to achieve some fantastic results.  For us the impact of the A level reforms look to have been negligible and this is primarily because we spend a huge amount of time ensuring that the right children start on the right courses.  As a consequence we have 17 students who have achieved A* or A grades in all of their subjects.  In the middle ability group the impact of these changes also seems to have been negligible because many of these students got C grades or better in their subjects and gained their University places.  


Too often we celebrate the achievements of the highest performers forgetting that we are just as good at “nudging the middle”  - a wonderful phrase that one of our middle achieving pupils coined when asked to reflect on what set King Edward’s apart.  In his view he was not lost in the crowd; excelled because his teachers expected it, and worked hard to compete with those around him.  This year despite the government’s attempts to meddle with yet another set of examinations I am happy to salute and support all those in the middle who we have helped secure some outstanding results.

2019 Nudging the middle...again...

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A Level 2019

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Students at King Edward's celebrated this morning with over a third of students achieving an A* or A grade, beating the national figure by 8%. As a consequence large numbers of students achieved their first choice university places at Oxford, Cambridge, Medical and Veterinary college as well as the Russell Group Universities like Durham, Imperial College and University College London. All students study four A Levels at King Edward's and 91% achieved an A*-B grades in the prestigious Cambridge University Independent Research A Level: this course equips students with organisational and independent learning skills.


This summer fewer C grades were awarded nationally because of the new harder A level courses raising concerns amongst parents and students about the impact on middle ability students. King Edward's had previously worked in collaboration with Monks Dyke and Cordeaux to create a comprehensive Louth Joint Sixth Form for all students. Due to this work King Edward's has introduced a wider range of A Levels to provide wider choice to the students of Louth this includes Business Studies; Media Studies; Photography; Sociology and Theatre Studies.  The school has also introduced a new entry criteria at A level similar to that offered by comprehensive Sixth Forms in the county like De Aston and William Farr.  Headmaster James Lascelles said "our staff are experts in their subjects and many are examiners; researchers and authors in their subjects.  This passion means they are very well placed to support all students regardless of ability".  Middle ability students at King Edward's seem to have benefited with 80% of grades at a C grade or higher beating the national C grade decline.


"I am exceptionally proud of the hard work, passion and commitment of the staff and students.  By working together, forging positive working relationships they have inspired the most talented students to some incredible achievements whilst providing support and structure for those who have found these new harder A levels a real slog"


GCSE 2019

There was a huge sigh of relief at King Edward’s this morning as Year 11 students celebrated their GCSE results.  Parents, students and staff had all been worried about the impact of the harder GCSE courses and the possibility of a collapse in grades across the country.  Instead King Edward’s students saw their results rise.  Many students were genuinely shocked by their grades for positive reasons achieving grades 8 or 9 the equivalent of the old A* when they had thought they might be getting a 5 or a 6: the equivalent of a B grade.  


James Lascelles, Headmaster of King Edwards said “It has been a real thrill this morning talking to our students and their parents and our staff.  Everyone was worried this year, staff, pupils, parents and it is a massive relief, and a welcome surprise to hear so many brilliant success stories” Commenting on the school’s overall results he said “for me it has also been a stressful summer worrying about what would happen and instead we have seen our excellent figures from last year rise by 10% this year: something we hadn’t really anticipated”.  This summer 90% of KEVIGS grades were a 6 or B grade, nearly half of all grades were at the equivalent of the old A*/A [new 7-9 grades].  With these grades lots of students are staying on into KEVIGS Sixth Form and Nick Robertson, Deputy Head and Director of Sixth Form said “we have really learnt from our experiences working with the other secondary schools three years ago and have broadened our range of subjects on offer at A Level and also dropped our entry criteria to replicate that of comprehensives like De Aston and William Farr”.  The school has introduced new subjects at A Level which includes Business Studies, Media Studies, Photography, Sociology and Theatre Studies and has some places available for any Year 11 students wanting to start this September.    



GCSE Key Statistics


  32 students achieved 7 or more

  GCSEs at  grades 9/8/7 or A*/A


  98%  Pass rate in English and Maths


  93% 8 or more good passes (9A*-5C)


  38% 9-7 or A*/A Grades [All students]


  58% 9-7 or A*/A Grades

   [84 students - small grammar comparison figure] 

A Level Key Statistics


29 Students achieved A*/A Grades  

in  all their subjects


10% of students went to Oxford or

Cambridge, Medical

                or Veterinary College.


66% of all grades at A*-B Grade

A Level by Subject
GCSE by Subjects


A Level by Subject GCSE by Subjects