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Detailed instructions Page for Windows PCs


Clicking the student link will prompt you to open a file called Please open this file, click run if prompted or if presented with a window with the file in it please double-click the file name, and then simply login using your normal school username and password.


Please note, if you have never connected using this method from the PC or laptop you are currently using then you may be presented with a security box as per the example below:





























If you are going to use this computer again in the future then you can put a tick in the “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer” tick box and then click the “Connect” button. Going through this process once should mean that you will not receive this security warning window again in the future when connecting in from the device you are using.


During the connection process you may receive the message box below:






































Again, put a tick in the “Don’t ask me again for connection to this computer” tick box (by clicking in it), and this warning will not be displayed again when connecting from your current PC / Laptop. Click the “Yes” button and your connection to the server will be made.


Once you are connected to the server you will be presented with the standard welcome screen. Simply click the “OK” button and you will then be logged in and ready to start working as if you were in school.

RDPSecurityMessage RDPIdentityMessage