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FAQs - Remote Learning; Kindle; eBooks; Wifi; Apps + Links/Download

How do I connect to the school remote/portal?


Please got to the home page and click 'Portal' and follow the instructions for the correct device/software that you use either - Windows/Apple or Android.


For Apple/Android you need to download the official Microsoft Remote Desk Top App from their online app store and install this first.


If you still have connection problems then you should contact IT support directly through your school e mail or Mrs Adam for lost password/password re-set issues.


Remote Learning Issues [downloading the GoTo Meeting; GoTo Webinar and M.S.Teams apps from the PlayStore or itunes/app store are all recommended]


There are a range of known remote learning issues and these fall into three different categories:


i) I can't join/attend my GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting or Teams sessions.  In order the following are the most common problems:


  a) Your PC/Laptop/Kindle/Home Internet security settings won't allow you to join 'remote learning' and keeps kicking you out or presenting you with a don't trust this site

       message or similar.  This is home network/hardware/software issue that can be fixed by entering your computer's security settings and making the website and/or link a

       'trusted' webpage OR by altering your secruity and cookie settings from High to Medium and enabling video calling or similar.


  b) You are trying to access your remote lesson via, through or inside the remote portal - log out of the school remote desktop and launch the weblink from your Home

       PC/Laptop  [accessing via, through or inside the school remote generates audio issues, and other technical GTW/GTM/Teams problems]


  c) The link you are following is invalid/out of date/has expired and or is being blocked [this assumes you have sorted a & b above].  You should contact your teacher via

       email to request a new link to their lesson.


ii) I am having technical difficulties with remote lessons - poor audio/video/connection problems/being kicked off the lesson etc:


    a) Your wi-fi connection is poor and/or broadband is running at or close to capacity: if possible move your device closer to your wi-fi router and/or ask others to come

         off other sessions etc.


    b) Your teacher hasn't unmuted/shared their screen - even the most experienced of us occasionally forgets to unmute/share screen etc.  Please message your teacher    

          via the app OR via email OR if all else fails email another teacher in the department!  


iii) Other students have joined the lesson but the teacher hasn't?


    a) You have got the timing of the lesson wrong or followed the wrong link to another lesson/empty room: go back and check the link and rejoin.


    b) Your teacher is delayed/running late/experiencing technical difficulties or is absent and has set you cover work via email.


    c)  As above but the cover teaching is experiencing difficulties etc.


    In the case of b & c please check your email for messages and/or email the teacher directly and wait for the teacher to arrive.


Kindle and eBook Issues


Kindles are for eBooks only.


Many, many percieved Kindle issues have been caused by users trying to install Outlook; the SIMS app; or other apps and/or use the device in ways that are currently not intended or supported: we have and have always had a plan to roll out a wide range of other apps during the Spring and Summer Term supported by and with training fromTutors and reinforced for Year 7 & Year 8 via Computer Science lessons.


Presently Kindles are for eBooks only.


Known Kindle and eBook Issues


  i) Step 1 - setting up the Kindle for the first time and using parental controls.


     When you first get your Kindle it is important that it is set up in your parents name and not your name: the student's Date of Birth registered on the Kindle causes known

     conflicts and prevents or makes difficult/impossible the downloading and functioning of various apps like the SIMS App; Google PlayStore and other age sensitive apps.

     There is a known clash with the restrictions imposed by Google  Family for example.


      Once a parent has set up the Kindle in their name  AND set up Google Play Store [see below] then they can go into the Kindles security settings and use the parental

      controls to restrict the Kindle see the short video here on how to set up the parental controls on the Kindle:


      If you have Kindle problems then the restrictions you have set are probably the best place to start.


      So step 1 - set up the Kindle Fire as if it was your own parental Kindle and then follow the How to Geek Guide to Parental Controls and Child Profiles.


ii) Step 2 - installing and or reinstalling [the most uptodate (!) version] of Google Play Store.    


     The PlayStore App is required for downloading the eBook Apps that we use: it should be installed on the Parent profile: with profile permission to the child.


      Installing, or re-installing, the most uptodate version of Google Play Store can be done by following the instructions above.


      The most uptodate version ensures that all of the the eBook Apps work properly.


      If your eBook app/s don't work properly and/or the ebook doesn't display properly then make sure you have the most uptodate PlayStore installed.


      If you aren't sure then follow the Install Play Store link above, check and/or reinstall the most uptodate files/version.  


iii) Step 3 - EBook Apps  & PDF or Adobe Files


     We use two eBook apps - Classoos and Hodders.  Students need to install both apps onto their Kindles and parents need to allow the use of these apps via their parent

     settings/child profile: Google PlayStore should also have got permission prior to this otherwise neither app will work or be downloadable. PDF or Adobe Files common for

     worksheets and booklets can be best used on the Kindle by installing the Adobe Reader App from Playstore - it is free; ignore or close any sign up/subscription requests.


     At the time of writing over 60% of the school have successfully downloaded and are using eBooks.  In order the common reasons/problems for not using them are:


    i) Student problems e.g. student hasn't downloaded and installed the Classoos or Hodders App either at all OR has registered with the wrong email address OR personal

        details OR hasn't waited for the download to install OR hasn't agreed to or ignored/dismissed the various download warning messages.


   ii) Student is trying to download or view the eBook over the school's wifi system & or can't connect to wifi [see below].


         eBooks, once downloaded stay on your device and don't need wifi to view them: eBooks should be downloaded at home.


  iii) School problems e.g. a subject isn't using eBooks; subject needs to re-issue the eBooks to an individual student or entire class or year group.  Students should approach

        their class teacher and or the Head of Department directly to make them aware of the eBook problem.


Wifi and Other App Issues - Outlook 365/eMail; OneNote; SIMS App


Kindles are for eBooks and provided that the above steps have been followed then there is no need for Kindles to be connected via the school wifi system as the eBooks are downloaded and saved to the device and do not require wifi to access them.


However, Kindles can connect to the school's Bring Your Own Device [BOYD] network and this is set so that no password or username is required to login to the wifi.


To connect students have to search for and connect to the BOYD wifi by going to the settings menu; internet and wifi settings and then click the BOYD network; students need to pause at this point and wait for the device to connect; double clicking again and dimissing/ignoring any messages may be required.  


If the above doesn't work then students should click the BOYD network to enter the advance settings; click 'forget' and then repeat the steps above.


Other Apps - at this stage the school doesn't require any other apps to be used or downloaded: Kindles are for ebooks only.


The school will roll out via Tutors - and Computer Science lessons in Year 7 & 8 - the use, installation and training on other apps across the Spring and Summer Term.















Guide to Kindle Parental Controls Install [Latest Version] of Play Store Classoos - eBook Instructions Hodders - eBook Instructions Parent SIMS Registration SIMS STUDENT APP Reset Wisepay Password Adobe Reader Link

The Speed of Change + Fear & Frustration are the most common problems.


Since the 23rd March lockdown the KEVIGS community has had to work through rapid I.T. change.  This has meant everyone has had to learn about new systems and school has had to deliver new systems to everyone at once instead of in a more normal slow, gentle, reflective, planned and phased manner.  It is no surpise that Rapid Change + Fear and Frustration have been the key problems facing everyone.  This page tries to pull together in one place all of the advice & guidance given out since lockdown started.

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