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Leadership & Service

Leadership and Service to the Community are core components of an education at King Edward's.  Our pupils have a wealth of opportunities to demonstrate service and leadership in ways that are unique to King Edward's and more akin to the type of experiences found in a fee paying school.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award provides our pupils with a wide range of opportunities to learn about and demonstrate leadership skills.


Students begin Duke of Edinburgh from Year 10 and this gives them the opportunity to undertake service in the community as well as undertaking various expeditions at different levels of difficulty and challenge.  The Bronze Award is achieved each year by a large proportion of our Year 10 students who then go on to take the Silver Award with a smaller number in the Sixth Form moving on to complete the challenging and arduous Gold Award.  Letters giving information about the Bronze Award are sent home with Y10 students in October.


The combined experience enables pupils to learn about a host of practical skills of orienteering, camping and bushcraft as well as undertaking community service projects.  

The School is fortunate to be the only school in the Wolds and North East Lincolnshire Area to have a Combined Cadet Force based at and run by staff of the school.


The Combined Cadet Force provides a host of leadership opportunities through the Armed Forces and enables students from Year 9 onwards to participate in structured leadership training through the Ministry of Defence and via the Army and RAF.  External trainers, advisors and support is provided to pupils from Her Majesty's Armed Forces.  


CCF takes place every Tuesday afternoon/evening and there are numerous camps, visits and trips, including the opportunity to learn to fly and gain instructor qualifications in gliding through our links with RAF Cranwell.  For Army Cadets they also have numerous opportunities to attend Annual Camp and to utilise the firing ranges at various bases including RAF Coningsby and RAF Cranwell.


Our House System consists of four Houses - Smith, Tennyson, Hobart and Franklin.  Pupils have numerous opportunities to get involved in the Leadership of the House system from an early age by helping to organise teams for the various competitions that occur throughout the academic year, culminating in our House Sports Day held at Grimsby Athletics Stadium where the competition is intense but the rivalry good humoured.  

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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Combined Cadet Force [CCF] Army and RAF Sections

The House System


In the Sixth Form students have the opportunity to apply to become Prefects who help the staff to organise the life of the school such as Parents' Evenings; St James' Services; Duties; Open Evenings; Charities; Library supervision; Sixth Form Ball Committee and numerous other activities and events.


The School also appoints a Sixth Form Leadership Team consisting of a Head Boy, Head Girl and Senior Prefects.

Leadership in Music and Drama

Professional standards of both Music and Drama provide plentiful opportunities for students to lead key aspects of both the musical and theatrical life of the school.  It is the students who work back stage, and run the school show in the professional surroundings of the Riverhead Theatre.  


In music students help with rehearsals and support the organisation of performances.  


From front stage to back stage opportunities abound.









"I would rather have young people around me who developed other interests at school and university and didn’t just focus entirely on getting that first. It’s produced a lot of useful science because we’ve worked as a group of friends, a team. That’s very much more important than almost anything else"


Professor Robert Winston, Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies

Imperial College London


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