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As part of the school's leadership and management the school has various different plans operating at different levels.  These are as follows:


Annual School Action/Improvement Plans


Self evaluation is embedded into the life of the school and at all levels all leaders review their areas every year, analyse student outcomes; either quantitative or qualitative via student surveys, parental surveys and student led discussion groups.


These annual reviews lead to the publication of an annual whole school action plan which sets out the school's wider objectives.  Through our system of distributed leadership there are a range of linked plans for Governors and the SLT; Sixth Form, Middle and Lower Schools, and of course annual Departmental plans.  These plans then guide the work of the Governors, School, SLT, Directors of School and Heads of Department during the course of the academic year and flesh out the details of "how" the wider school objectives in the School Action Plan will actually be achieved.  


Triennial Growth Strategy


Separate to all of the above the school carrys out a Triennial Consultation process with all of its stakeholders: pupils, parents, staff, governors and members of the wider local community that we serve.  All stakeholders views are canvassed as part of this process via online surveys.  The outcomes of these surveys are then fed back to a consultation workshop group consisting of around 30 or so individuals representing all of the different stakeholders in the school - parents, pupils, staff, governors and local councillors, members of St James' church and members of the school's Foundation Governors.


From these meetings the group work up a framework set of draft proposals which are then put back to the entire staff for their views and contributions.  


Once a final draft is completed, this is then ratified by the full governing body.


Other Annual Plans/Procedures


In addition to all of the above the school also monitors the work of the school closely during the academic year as follows:


  i) An annual Quality Assurance process which pairs Heads of Department and Heads of Year with a senior

     line manager who follows the Quality Assurance process with them checking that regular lesson

     observations occur, that performance management processes occur and that work scrutinies are carried



  ii) Professional Development Teaching and Learning Walks occur on an almost weekly basis as our senior

       practitioners lead other members of staff on learning walks to view and share best practice around the



  iii) Annual School Surveys of parents views and also of student views are carried out.  From these each year

       the Head and SLT feed these views into the annual development plan.  The Head also meets School

       Parliament every October to set their annual agenda so that students feed into the school's overall  

       develpment and improvement process.


   iv) Cambridge Perspectives - we also commision an external survey of students opinions via Cambridge

         Perspectives who provide a detailed survey, commentary and feedback - including comparative

         feedback against other schools.  These surveys occur on biennial basis and are taken by at least half

         of the entire student population to ensure validity.






















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School Action Plan - 2019-20 Growth Strategy Leadership Action Plan