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King Edward VI Education Trust

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For all routine enquries of a teacher or a tutor then please use this email.  Mrs Robinson will then forward your email to the appropriate person. Teachers are normally engaged from 8:30-4:00 so e mail is the most direct and simplest form of contact.  However if you do want to speak to a teacher then please do make this clear so that a mutually convenient time to call can be arranged.  If you have a concern of an academic nature and it has not been resolved by the teacher then you should email the relevant Head of Department from the list below.  They are responsible for all aspects of the management of their departments including teaching and learning; marking and assessment and classroom discipline.

Academic Concerns

Director Art and Graphics Head of Business Studies Director of English & Drama Director of Science Director of Mathematics Head of History, Politics & RS Head of Languages Head of Geography Head Of PE&Games

Pastoral Concerns & SEND

Each Year Group is line managed by a Head of Year.  They are ultimately responsible for all matters relating to wider whole school issues relating to serious pastoral concerns, systemic academic underperformance across a range of subjects or serious behavioural concerns.  All minor pastoral issues should be referred to the form tutor first.  Academic matters relating to homework, teaching and learning or classroom issues should go to the class teacher or Head of Department and NOT the Head of Year.

Head of Year 7 Head of Year 8 Head of Year 9 Head of Year 10 Head of Year 11 Head of Year 12 Head of Year 13 Deputy Head Inclusion and Intervention (inc SEND & PP)


If you have a serious complaint that has not been resolved through the normal channels then you should write to the Headmaster - via the Clerk to the Governors - who will conduct an enquiry and write up a formal report of the investigation's findings.  Complaints should be in writing and addressed to the Principal and copied to the Chair of Governors at the main school address.   If you remain unhappy with the outcome then you may  appeal in writing to the Chair of Governors who will review the findings.


The full complaints procedure can be downloaded from the school's policy section.

Director of Sixth Form

Trust Offices

Deputy Head Pastoral, Safeguarding and Senior Head of House Head of Learning Support Rachel Mowbray Careers & H.E.Advisor