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Our Curriculum

King Edward's curriculum is designed for children who are excelling or working above or well above the national standards at primary school.  We also have children transfer to us for their GCSEs and their A Levels and again the expectation is that pupils are academically able.  Our curriculum requires children to have high levels of literacy and numeracy but even for Mathematics and Science a high level of verbal reasoning skills are needed to access the curriculum and we strongly recommend that prospective parents encourage their children to read widely to help them make an easy transition to the school.


Having said this every year the school also takes a small proportion of children who are working at expectations and who are working towards higher levels of attainment at primary school.  Often the potential of these children is identified through the 11+ testing papers and they go on to cope well with our curriculum although some may need additional support or a more personalised approach at KS4.  We believe our job is to both encourage excellence and to nurture talent and often these children have specific talents in certain areas that we seek to support.


Each year we also take one or two able children who may have a full EHCP or full Statement and our small SEN unit will seek to provide the best support we can for these children to help them cope with accessing an academic curriculum.


Lower School Curriculum Year 7 & 8


In Year 7 & 8 the school follows the national curriculum with a focus on building the skills necessary for making the transition to GCSE study in Year 9 and providing support for those individuals that arrive with us who finished primary skill with only expected levels in reading and writing. For the majority who arrive with above expected levels we focus on building their advaced phonics skills via our Latin courses.  By adopting this approach we know that this helps our students to access the demands of our academically focused GCSE programmes.


Seperate to the above students study English Literature and Language, Art, Graphics, Drama, Mathematics, Computer Science and the  three Sciences, our students also access various languages including French, Spanish and Latin as well as the Humanities .  All students also follow the Lincolnshire agreed RE syllabus, and we also have a strong focus on Wellness and Happiness which aims to help build our students emotional resillence as well as providing various skills to help them learn how to cope with the stress of modern day life: this program also covers PSHE and Sex Education.  All students also participate in PE/Games through the main curriculum but also on a rotation within Wellness and Spirituality where the focus here is on fitness linked to Wellness.


Middle School Curriculum Year 9,10,11


We start our GCSE curriculum in Year 9 to recognise the stretch and challenge that our able children want.  By doing this our goal is to deepen our students GCSE experience, to spend more time on these subjects and have time to explore not just the formal GCSE specifications but the subject itself.  With the exception of GCSE Religious Studies, which is taken in Year 10, all examinations are taken at the end of Year 11.  As part of the Year 11 Curriculum the Religious Studies periods are returned back to the GCSE option subjects providing an additional booster lesson in Year 11 for each subject.


Students follow the core EBAC qualifications of English Language; English Literature, Mathematics; Triple or Double Science; Languages and Humanities; Sport follows the same pattern as the Lower School.  Students continue to participate in our Wellness and Spirituality with the focus on developing emotional resilence; fitness to support wellbeing and the traditional PSHE/Sex Education curriculum.


In addition to the above students have three GCSE choices that they can also make from a wide range of subjects which you can see in the school's GCSE Options Guide


Holistic Education


One of our core values is to provide our students with an Holsitic education and we do this in a number of ways.  Firstly, and most importantly, our ethos is focused on encouraging excellence and nurturing talent in all aspects of our community so as a staff we are committed to the provision of a broader curriculum.  As a school we have embedded this within our curriculum by re-shaping our day to carve out a dedicated Period 6 which we use for enrichment purposes.  Students can choose from around 30 different activities on offer each day which equates to around 200 enrichment activities running on the school site every fortnight.  By placing enrichment into our curriculum we have created a wide ranging, inclusive offer for that all students can access - Period 6 Guide.


In addition to Period 6 the school runs a busy extra-curriculum of Sporting fixtures; Drama and Music productions; trips and visits and prides itself on the provision of an outstanding Combined Cadet Force rated in the top 5% of CCF's in the country.   The school also has an active and over subscribed Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme at Bronze, Silver and Gold.


Sixth Form Curriculum Year 12 and 13.


In the Sixth Form students follow three A Levels of their choice and all students follow the two year Pre-U (A Level) in Global Perspectives which includes a 5000 word Independent Research Project on a subject of the students choice in Year 13: normally the project is built around the student's university choice.  The course provides students with a two year introduction to international themes and various ethical, moral and spiritual challenges in the modern world.  


Our expectation is that all Sixth Formers play a wider role in leading the life of the school and this includes leading activities in Period 6 to support those in Year 7-11 as well as participating in their own activties.  

















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